Virtual SLC Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Students already registered for SLC will be in the same events for which they were originally registered. 
    1. If a NEW student would like to register, or if a student needs to change events, email Summer directly:
  2. Team Events – we encourage students to virtually "work together” Use Facetime, Google Duo, Zoom, Facebook video, call one another, or any other way they can connect.  We do NOT want students getting together at this time. Please follow all social distancing/gathering guidelines.
    1. For example, in a team event where all students must talk: each student could record their own part and send it to one student to edit together, OR, they can email all the videos to Summer labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 so they can easily watched in order.
    2. If it is a team event where drawing/creating is involved – we encourage the group to choose one “Artist” and the others can be on video calls to guide and give ideas/feedback.
  3. Secret Topics will be emailed to the Advisors, on Sunday night (April 5) to share with students accordingly.
  4. Medical Innovation – per the HOSA website: Teams will create a video demonstration of their innovation. The video demonstration should be 60 seconds max showcasing the innovation and its inventor(s). No need for music, graphics, special effects, or text. Video must include competitor’s names, HOSA chapter & division, ages, hometown, and name of innovation. Video must explain how the innovation works and show it in action using the prototype created. You can view a sample video here:  The purpose of this video upload is for HOSA marketing purposes and the archiving of samples of the high quality work created by HOSA members. The content of the video is not judged on the rating sheet.”
    1. This 60-second video will be uploaded to Tallo – new Tallo directions available:
    2. 7 minute video presentation: Present a seven (7) minute prepared oral presentation to the judges.  Use of index card notes during the presentation are permitted. Electronic notecards (on a tablet, smart phone, laptop, etc…) are permitted, but will not be shown to judges. All team members must take an active role in the presentation.  This 7-minute video will be emailed to Summer directly: