National Recognition Award

1st Place Membership Award 2000 – 2001
68 % Membership Gain

Minnesota HOSA has had approximately 800 members annually in the past 10 years. Nationally, HOSA boasts 66,000 members. As health care grows and becomes more in demand, so does HOSA membership. Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of the HOSA family.

New Advisor Handbook

How to establish a New HOSA Chapter

For the “new” Health Science Education teacher, the management of a HOSA chapter may seem overwhelming. Taking  one step at a time and empowering students to be a part of those steps will help the Health Science teacher become an  Effective HOSA Advisor.

If you have questions about any aspect of the process, please contact the HOSA Headquarters at its toll-free number: (800) 321-HOSA. The preferred method of affiliating is via the web at

Step #1 Secure a copy of the following materials to affiliate your Health Science Education  program with HOSA:

  1. Chapter will affiliate on line after contacting national HOSA for a charter number and password. All affiliations are due on December 1st with a supplemental until April. For information contact Jeff at HOSA
  2. HOSA HANDBOOK – available from HOSA Headquarters /
  3. Download the HOSA Chapter starting information brochure here.

Step #2 Contact your state advisor and indicate your interest in affiliating your school/college and students with the state association and national organization. The state advisor is an excellent source of information regarding state and national activities, projects, meetings and services available to chapter advisors and members. The State Advisor should have records of charter numbers and passwords for established HOSA chapter.

Step #3 Decide which method you will use to organize one or more HOSA chapters:

  1. Classroom-based chapter. A HOSA chapter is formed for each Health Science /Technology class of ten(10)  or more students. This is a preferred method in institutions where students are unable to meet together regularly. For example, a career (Technical) center might offer an Health Science  program in the morning, afternoon and evening. The instructor could organize multiple chapters that will conduct their business meetings and activities independent of each other: HOSA Chapter #1 (a.m.); HOSA Chapter #2 (afternoon); and HOSA Chapter #3 (evening-adult). Each chapter elects an officer team and develops its program of work. For large projects, chapters can collaborate. Business meetings and programs can be held during class time since HOSA is “curricular” and not “extracurricular.”
  2. Instructor-based chapter. A chapter is formed by one Health Science  instructor for all students enrolled in his/her classes. While chapter meetings with all students may be difficult to schedule, individual classes can form in-class committees to plan and organize projects and activities. Each class can elect a vice president (class representative) that serves on a HOSA Chapter Council, the steering committee for the chapter.
  3. School-based chapter. A single chapter is formed for all students in all classes regardless of the number of teachers. This is probably the least effective method due to large numbers and the difficulty in integrating HOSA totally into the curriculum. A HOSA chapter is a “leadership laboratory” not a “club.” Unless all students are actively involved and able to practice and refine their leadership skills through chapter activities, the benefits of the Health Science Education-HOSA Partnership are not fully realized. If this method is adopted, every effort must be made to get 100% active involvement by all students and HSE instructors.
  4. Post Secondary chapter. The letters were chosen for the casual observer (or secondary HOSA member who is unfamiliar to Greek life) to easily identify the letters as ours as the Greek letters resemble FHP (future health professionals). Postsecondary/collegiate chapters are not required to use the Greek letters – this is optional for chapter identification. Download the Postsecondary-Collegiate Manual for Starting a Chapter here.


Step #4 Contact local school/college officials (e.g. activity directors, Dean of Student Activities) and make certain all information that officially establishes the HOSA chapter is properly submitted and on file. (A sample constitution for a HOSA chapter is available in the HOSA HANDBOOK.)

Contact: Candy Leopold for more information and a school visit.

Joining HOSA:


  • $22.00 per student ($12.00 state and $10.00 national membership annual dues)
  • In a Health Occupations / Health Science Class
  • 10 total members make a chapter
  • Membership offers:
    • Eligibility to attend HOSA  activities
    • Compete at both state and national conferences
    • Scholarship opportunities


  • $22.00 membership
  • Teaching a Health Occupations / Health Science Class
  • Offers workshops with all HOSA advisors
  • Serves as advisor to student members
    • assures registrations for activities on by deadlines
    • monitor student members at activities
    • is an elite group of special teachers that take the “Extra” mile