International Leadership 2021

HOSA’s Annual Event of the Year goes VIRTUAL –
HOSA 2021 Virtual International Leadership Conference, June 23-26!


Competition Dates:
Competitors will compete Wednesday, June 23 through Friday, June 25th (all rounds, all components)
*Please contact your Advisor for Advancement Documentation and ILC Registration*

Event Numbers and Overview:
82 unique HOSA competitive events will be offered at HOSA’s 2021 VILC
32 test-only events
            22 ADDITIONAL events have a test component for the ROUND ONE competitor. (Note: This year in the virtual setting, HOSA is not simply offering a round one test only. All 22 events will have a round two component.)
Pre-Submitted Content will remain the same as if we were live.
19 LIVE presentation/speech/interview events
8 unique LIVE events with very creative setup such as a spelldown for debate.
16 LIVE Skill Events. HOSA is creating our own simulated skill environments online.
Numerous new and existing HOSA partners are helping contribute to the simulated environments by contributing dynamic content
13 CE Virtual Event Displays
2 CE Meet and Greet Events
5 Events in CE Recognition Hall

National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center for Future Health Professionals:
One ACT test is available with each registration fee.
Additional ATC tests are charged at a cost of $20 per test with a maximum of four ATC tests.
ALL Members may take part in these test – more information to come
Family Medicine Career Knowledge Test in HOSA’s Academic Testing – being released for June 2021 for ILC. 

Registration is $60 for all delegates


  • All required competitive event items must be uploaded to Tallo by May 15.  
  • The competitors should pay close attention to the Event Modifications that specify which items must be uploaded.
  • To locate the Event Modifications on the HOSA website, go to: Conferences l International leadership Conference l Scroll down and click on the BLUE box labeled Competitive Events.  For your convenience, link to Virtual Competitive Event Modifications.
  • The ILC Opportunities on Tallo are only visible to students.
  • Feel free to create a student account/student profile. It might make it easier to explain to the Local Advisors what is going on. By creating a student account, you can see your own VILC opportunities exactly like a competitor would be seeing them. You can also see anything else posted by other organizations. Link to Instructions for Uploading Materials to Tallo.