Benefits of HOSA

Benefits of HOSA: What can HOSA do for you?

Anyone who has been a member of HOSA knows all about the incredible benefits of HOSA. However, if you’re new, you might be wondering what HOSA can really do for you. Is it just another club? We believe it’s a lot more than that.
HOSA helps its students to gain knowledge and professional experience. Anyone who is even remotely interested in the healthcare industry would benefit from the exposure HOSA provides about the various sources of healthcare. By preparing for competitive events, students will gain knowledge about medicine and healthcare. HOSA will also provide students with experiences such as tours of medical facilities or listening to guest speakers. In addition, the importance that HOSA puts on community service is crucial to becoming a truly dedicated healthcare professional in the future.
HOSA also provides a place for students who are passionate about healthcare to share ideas and connect with other students, teachers, and leaders interested in or serving in a healthcare field. There are so many opportunities at the local, state, and even national level to create friendships with other people who share the same interests. The memories and the friendships created in HOSA will stay with you forever.
HOSA is committed to helping students become the future of healthcare. Now that you know how HOSA can benefit you, think about what you can do for HOSA!
Claire Park
Minnesota Secretary
HOSA- Future Health Professionals