2020 Virtual SLC
*Virtual SLC 2020*

Minnesota Virtual SLC
"Together we can offer our members an opportunity to compete in an innovative, virtual way during these challenging days." - HOSA
It is the decision of the MN HOSA Board of Directors to move forward in a new and innovative way as well regarding SLC.  This year we will be completing the MN HOSA SLC virtually, much like several other states. There are ways for students to participate who do not have access to internet.
The MN HOSA Board believes giving students the chance to compete in SLC and have a chance to qualify for ILC is one small way to maintain a sense of normalcy for our HOSA members.
Please save this document for reference moving forward and as always reach out to Summer with questions.


  1. The MN HOSA Virtual SLC will begin April 6 and run through April 10
  2. Cost per competitor is $50
    1. No cost for Advisors
    2. If you have already sent a check, please contact Summer for refund arrangements
    3. MN HOSA is aware checks may be delayed, please just let us know
  3. For events that have a Round 1 test - that test score will be the final placement.  There will be NO Round 2 for those events.  Please see the PDF spreadsheet for designated “Test Only” events: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RhPiyDiKRuvR97RNfeR5N7q4tZz15Ckg/view?usp=sharing
  4. National HOSA will be uploading regional tests.  Competitors have a choice to retest and keep the higher of the two scores for placement purposes
    1. Current test scores and rankings have been sent via email to each advisor
    2. Tests will be self-proctored/timed by the student
    3. Each student will have their own User ID and Password they will use to log in and test.
    4. ID’s and Passwords will be sent as soon as national HOSA has uploaded the tests
    5. Test times and guidelines can be found here: http://hosa.org/guidelines
      1. Please review the HOSA Ethics and Code of Conduct: http://www.hosa.org/sites/default/files/19-20%20GRR%20Jan14.pdf
  5. Events without a Round 1 test will have specific guidelines for submission (see PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RhPiyDiKRuvR97RNfeR5N7q4tZz15Ckg/view?usp=sharing
    1. Skills will be self-proctored/timed by the student
    2. Skill topics will be sent to the Advisor on Sunday, April 3 
      1. Please reach out to your Advisor to receive the topic
    3. Skill timelines can be found here: http://hosa.org/guidelines
      1. Remind your students of the HOSA Ethics and Code of Conduct: http://www.hosa.org/sites/default/files/19-20%20GRR%20Jan14.pdf
    4. Competitors WITH internet may email items to director@minnesotahosa.org by Friday, April 10 at 11:59pm
    5. Competitors without internet access may mail items to Summer via USPS – postmarked by April 10. 
      MN HOSA – PO Box 210 – Sartell, MN – 56377-0210
  6. If students need to change events due to technology access issues, please contact Summer directly: director@minnesotahosa.org 
  7. Judging will take place the week of April 13, final results will be posted to YouTube by Monday, April 20 at 5pm.
    1. Medals will be shipped to schools when school resumes or be available at Fall Leadership.
  8. IF there are students planning to attend ILC should they qualify, begin making plans now (fundraising, submitting travel plans, etc.)  A decision regarding an in-person or virtual ILC will be made by May 1.  Learn more here: http://hosa.org/node/716 and here: http://ilc.hosa.org/
  1. State Officer interviews to be held in April, date TBD.  Please complete the State Officer Exam by end of day April 10.


HOTEL ROOMS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. There is no need to call the hotel directly to cancel.

Contact Summer Hagy, State Advisor, with questions: director@minnesotahosa.org / 651-500-8025