2019 MN HOSA State Leadership Conference

In a little over a week MN HOSA will be attending the 2019 International Leadership Conference in Orlando. Florida- the LARGEST Delegation ever with 144 delegates making the trip with over 11,000 other HOSA members and guests !! And it was all possible from the outcomes of this year's State Conference in March. We had one of the largest conferences ever in St. Cloud March 28-30 with 340 delegates.

The state conference was highlighted with special guests from the Army National Guard, the Army ROTC, National HOSA INC Board, great speakers, educational sessions, Industry judges and activities. The most impressive part was that it was all planned and coordinated by a wonderful team of State Officers.

In the fall we will be starting a new year with HOSA and we hope that you will be a part of our growth and success. 

Stay tuned for the ILC highlights.
2019 State Leadership Conference Finalists
Category: Health Science Events:
                                                                           Dental Terminology
First PlaceCharlotte HetzerNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Second PlaceValerie ChristofersonCoon Rapids
Third PlaceGenna ThomazinNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Fourth PlaceAngela BelousCoon Rapids
Fifth PlaceGenevieve LopezNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
                                                                                         Medical Spelling
First PlaceShenali De SilvaPacelli Catholic HS
Second PlaceTafoya TrennaMaple Grove HS
Third PlaceMelissa SuMaple Grove HS
Fourth PlaceShiena SonacoEast Duluth HS
Fifth PlaceYsabella EsguerraMaple Grove HS
                                                                                      Medical Terminology
First PlaceLily SayamvixayMaple Grove HS
Second PlaceAshley SinnoraiMaple Grove HS
Third PlaceSreya PalaniMaple Grove HS
Fourth PlaceNoelle StellmakerDenfeld/East HS
Fifth PlaceShivali MukherjiShakopee HS
                                                                                      Medical Terminology
                                                                                             Middle School
First PlaceNanda ThawaniPacelli Catholic School
                                                                                      Medical Terminology
                                                                                            Post Secondary
First PlaceLaura BertramAlexandria Tech
Second PlaceBrianna WalkerAlexandria Tech
Third PlaceSueann WilsonAlexandria Tech
                                                                                          Medical Math
First PlaceJacob LipkeHutchinson HS
Second PlaceRachel ScheeleHutchinson HS
Third PlaceTom BockHutchinson HS
Fourth PlaceThomas LidahlRed Wing HS
Fifth PlaceLucas MischeChanhassen HS
                                                                                       Medical Reading
First PlaceDawson CliftonAndover HS
Second PlaceEmma EggenbergerRed Wing HS
Third PlaceDillon BuchananAndover HS
Fourth PlaceMatthew HarfmannKasson-Mantorville HS
                                                                                          Medical Reading
                                                                                           Post Secondary
First PlaceKelly JohnsonAlexandria Tech
                                                           Knowledge Test: Behavioral Health
First PlaceParth PuraniShakopee HS
Second PlaceEashan SarkarShakopee HS
Third PlaceMegan PriceChanhassen HS
Fourth PlaceSunaina JohnriMaple Grove HS
Fifth PlaceKevin FranciscoMaple Grove HS
                                                   Knowledge Test: Human Growth & Development
First PlaceBriana CliftonCoon Rapids HS
Second PlacePaul GoamerPacelli Catholic HS
Third PlaceJennifer AveryBlaine HS
Fourth PlaceAlexis WagenfieldBlaine HS
Fifth PlaceJillian DetermanAndover HS
                                                     Knowledge Test: Transcultural Healthcare
First PlaceKylie AndersonMankato Area HOSA
Second PlaceKylie RuprechtMaple Grove HS
Third PlaceDawson CliftonAndover HS
Fourth PlaceGrace LynchChanhassen HS
Fifth PlaceMaya AbdullaBlaine HS
                                                        Knowledge Test: Medical Law and Ethics
First PlaceGrace LynchChanhassen HS
Second PlaceEkaanth VeerakumarChaska
Third PlaceJullian DetermanAndover HS
Fourth PlaceVincent KimChaska HS
Fifth PlaceAbb MedvedSt. Francis HS
                                                                  Knowledge Test: Nutrition
First PlaceOlivia EvangelistaChanhassen HS
Second PlaceAlyssa ZimmeermanMaple Grove
Third PlaceTrenna TafoyaMaple Grove HS
Fourth PlaceLucas MischeChanhassen HS
Fifth PlaceCarli KingRed Wing HS
                                                                   Knowledge Test: Nutrition
                                                                               Post Secondary
First PlaceSueann WilsonAlexandria Tech
                                                         Knowledge Test: Pharmacology
First PlaceBrianna MeierChaska HS
Second PlaceKeru OmadBlaine HS
Third PlaceAlyssa GruttHutchinson HS
Fourth PlaceAlexis WagenfieldBlaine HS
Fifth PlaceScott MaritMaple Grove
                                                             Knowledge Test: Pathophysiology
First PlaceMarit ScottMaple Grove HS
Second PlaceBriana CliftonCoon Rapids HS
Third PlaceNathan LoyKasson-Mantorville HS
Fourth PlaceAngela BelousCoon Rapids HS
Fifth PlaceAnnabel SmitdhKasson-Mantorville HS
                                                            Knowledge Test: Pathophysiology
                                                                             Post Secondary
First PlaceBrianna WalkerAlexandria Tech
Category: Health Professions Events:
                                                                  Biomedical Laboratory Science
First PlaceAlyssa ZimmermanMaple Grove HS
Second PlaceKayla NguyenMaple Grove HS
Third PlaceJakob KujathKasson-Mantorville HS
Fourth PlaceLuke StavedahlShakopee HS
Fifth PlaceEmma EggenbergerRed Wing HS
                                                                   Biomedical Laboratory Science
                                                                                Post Secondary
First PlaceJessica KerfelaAlexandria Tech
Second PlaceBrianna WalkerAlexandria Tech
Third PlaceSueann WilsonAlexandria Tech
Fourth PlaceShanay AndersonAlexandria Tech
Fifth PlaceKelly JohnsonAlexandria Tech
                                                                           Home Health Aide
First PlaceMadeline SmithDuluth Denfeld/East
Second PlaceKaitlyn NiemannNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Third PlaceRoman SterpuAnoka Hennepin (STEP)
Fourth PlaceAdriana BirdseyeDuluth Denfeld/East
Fifth PlaceSophia JezierskiDuluth Denfeld/East
                                                                           Pharmacy Science
First PlaceKayla NguyeMaple Grove HS
                                                                           Physical Therapy        
First PlaceNora SmedtanBlaine HS
Second PlaceMatt JanisAndover HS
Third PlaceAndrew RowlandAndover HS
                                                                              Nursing Assisting
First PlaceAdriana BirdseyeDuluth Denfeld/East
Second PlaceCora ArralynnDuluth Denfeld/East
Third PlaceHallie RollinsSt. Cloud Tech
Fourth PlaceRoman StrepuAnoka Hennepin (STEP)
Fifth PlacePaige PanagiotopoulosNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
                                                                               Sports Medicine
First PlaceLauren TrygstadLakeville North HS
Second PlaceMatt JanisAndover HS
Third PlaceTrace FishbaugherPacelli Catholic HIS
Fourth PlaceReid SteinhagenAndover HS
Fifth PlaceAndy RDowlandAndover HS
                                                                              Clinical Specialty
First PlaceMadeline CoolidgeChanhassen HS
                                                                               Personal Care
First PlaceJackson HandstromAnoka Hennepin (STEP)
Second PlaceEmily StackenNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
                                                                              Dental Science
First PlaceCharlotte HetzerNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Second PlaceGenevieve LopezNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Third PlaceCelica SpainNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Fourth PlaceAlex RiveroNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
Fifth PlaceOkeoma UkagoNortheast Metro Career & Tech Center
                                                                              Veterinary Science
First PlaceAlyssa McCorisonDuluth Denfeld/East
Second PlaceValerie ChristofeersonCoon Rapids HS
Third PlaceEmma EggenbergerRed Wing HS
Category: Emergency Preparedness Events:
First PlaceEashan SarkarShakopee HS
Second PlaceParth PuraniShakopee HS
Third PlaceAngela GelousCoon Rapids HS
Fourth PlaceAnna SekerakLakeville North HS
Fifth PlaceKeru OmadBlaine HS
                                                                      Emergency Medical Technician
First PlaceJacob Donacik & Max HanninenSouthwest Metro
Second PlaceKate Bradley & Joe SuperNortheast Metro 916
Third PlaceHannah Anderson & Sophie AndersonSpring Lake Park HS
Fourth PlacePete Helgeson & Chris SanchezSpring Lake Park HS
Fifth PlaceMolly Boxrud & Melaina FragnitoNortheast Metro 916
                                                                                     MRC Partnership
First PlaceIsabella Lind – Rain Braun - Elora Weiland – Madeline Smith – Noelle StellmakerDuluth Denfeld/East
Second PlaceSydney Ziemer – Riley Marty – Thomas Lidhal – Maya MollgaardRed Wing HS
                                                                            Life Support Skills
First PlaceCaitlyn HekelRed Wing HS
                                                                              Public Health
First PlaceAbby Burk – Katie Fecke – Anna Sekerak – Vivian Woo- Emily PlotnikLakeville North HS
Second PlaceChau-Mi Phan – Lauren TrygstadLakeville North HS
Third PlaceDestiny Anderson – Addyson SmithKasson-Mantorville HS
Fourth PlaceMegan Maiers – Taylor Maiers – Grace Miller – Aubrey Nistier – Brielle TesmerSt. Cloud Tech HS
                                                                                   CERT Skills
First PlaceAllison Kuhkmann – Emily ThompsonSouthwest Metro
Second PlaceJacob Donacik & Max HanninenSouthwest Metro
Third PlaceHaillie Rollins & Justine HaseSt. Cloud Tech
Fourth PlaceAsa Barnard & Ivan RecinosSouthwest Metro
Fifth PlaceMcKenzie Magnus & Anna BraunSouthwest Metro
                                                                               CPR / First Aid
First PlaceJacob Donacik & Max HanninenSouthwest Metro
Second PlaceHannah Anderson & Sophie AndersonSpring Lake Park HS
Third PlaceThomas Lidahl & Maya MollgaanRed Wing HS
Fourth PlaceCarli King & Riley MartyRed Wing HS
Fifth PlaceKate Bradley & Joe BogdanoNortheast Metro 916
Category: Leadership Events:
                                                                        Extemporaneous Writing
First PlaceVincent KimChaska HS
Second PlaceMorgan SteinkampBlaine HS
Third PlaceClaire BeckmanAndover HS
Fourth PlaceHannah MooreBlaine HS
Fifth PlaceLina NguyenMaple Grove HS

                                                                Extemporaneous Health Poster
First PlaceTrenna TafoyaMaple Grove HS
Second PlaceOlivia EvangelistaChanhassen HS
Third PlaceElle WilliamsZimmerman HS
Fourth PlaceHannah WirthLakeville North HS
Fifth PlaceClaire BeckmanAndover HS
                                                                Extemporaneous Health Poster
                                                                             Post Secondary
First PlaceAmanda ProellAlexandria Tech
                                                                     Health Career Photography                                                                     
First PlaceBrianna RehbordLakeville North HS
Second PlaceMadi RysavyPacelli Catholic HS
Third PlaceTrinity MayCoon Rapids HS
Fourth PlaceSamantha RudnickSt. Francis HS
                                                                           Interviewing Skills
First PlaceCaitlyn HekelRed Wing HS
Second PlaceJackson LandstromAnoka Hennepin (STEP)
                                                                               Job Seeking Skills
First Place   Alexis Wagenfeld
 Lindsay Tyren 
Blaine HS
Northeast Metro 916
Second PlaceChris Sanchez DelgadoSpring Lake Park HS
Third PlaceAngela BelousCoon Rapids HS
Fourth PlaceTharum InturiShakopee HS
Fifth PlaceGautham NairShakopee HS
                                                                          Prepared Speaking
First PlaceGautham NairShakopee HS
Second PlaceTharun InturiShakopee HS
Third PlaceWylie McMichaelMankato Area HOSA
Fourth PlaceSena GeletoCoon Rapids HS
 Dhwani HinguShakopee HS
                                                          Researched Persuasive Writing & Speaking
First PlaceChau-Mi PhanLakeville North HS
Second PlaceGautham NairShakopee HS
Third PlaceWylie McMichaelMankato Area HOSA
Fourth PlaceAlia ReigerHutchinson HS
Category: Teamwork Events:
                                                                            Biomedical Debate
First PlaceShivali Mukherji – Bhavesh Boyapati – Rohan Janga – Srinthya NarraShakopee HS
Second PlaceJillian Determan – Sierra Renkert – Dillon BuchananAndover HS
                                                                         Community Awareness
First PlaceNicole Perez & Jenna WilliamsChaska HS
Second PlaceAlia Diercks & Grace MarslandKasson-Mantorville HS
Third PlaceMakenzie Noble & Laurel WoodrumKasson-Mantorville HS
Fourth PlaceShenali DeSilvia – Rachel Nelson – Lucy Nelson – Goamaar PaulPacelli Catholic HS
Fifth PlaceVanessa Johnson – Addison Luebbe – Magen RadkeKasson-Mantorville HS
                                                                       Creative Problem Solving
First PlaceAnachal Sahni – Alexis Wagenfield – Hannah MooreBlaine HS
Second PlaceKatie Fecke – Abby Burk – Anna SejerakLakeville North HS
Third PlaceEkeoma Ukaga – Celita Pham – Genna LopezNE Metro Career & Tech Center
Fourth PlaceMonica Montejo – Kylie Andersen – Wylie McMichaelMankato Area HOSA
Fifth PlaceAbi Reiter – Sarah Skrove – Bella MaherHutchinson HS
                                                                       Creative Problem Solving
                                                                                Post Secondary
First PlaceShanay Anderson – Jessica Kerfeld – Laura BertramAlexandria Tech
                                                                          Forensic Medicine
First PlaceJakob Kujath & Nathan LoyKasson-Mantorville HS
Second PlaceTrenna Tafaya & Melissa SuMaple Grove HS
Third PlaceAlena Ang & Anoma YangMaple Grove HS
Fourth PlaceAngela Belous & Briana CliftonCoon Rapids HS
Fifth PlaceLilly Sayamvixay & Ashley SinneraiMaple Grove HS
                                                                        Health Career Display
First PlaceLily Eklund & Ava MaresAndover HS
Second PlaceLauren Mathaus & Teddi SolheidNE Metro Career & Tech Center
Third PlaceGrace Miller & Brielle TesmerSt. Cloud Tech HS
Fourth PlaceCharlotte Hemmila & Itzel Rodriguez-ReyesBlaine HS
Fifth PlaceCasni Lee & Venus YangNE Metro Career & Tech Center
                                                                             Health Education
First PlaceMegan Barsness – Emma Braaten – Abigal Duffing – Emma FlemmerChanhassen HS
Second PlaceBrenna Harms – Julia Segar- Cadi StreetarChaska HS
Third PlaceDestiny Anderson & Addyson SmithKasson-Mantorville HS
Community Awareness
First PlaceNicole Perez / Jenna WilliamsChaska HS
                                                                                  HOSA Bowl
First PlaceVijay Relan – Megan Guckeen – Sanjeeda Tirukavel – Alyssa ThoraShakopee HS
Second Place Carli King – Thomas Lidahl – Riley Mandy – Maya MollgaanRed Wing HS
Third PlaceIshita Arora – Olivia Evargelista – Grace Lynch – Lucas MischeChanhassen HS
Fourth PlaceBrianna Doom – Mardi Marek – Megan Maiers – Taylor MaiersSt. Cloud Tech HS
Fifth PlaceBrianna Rehborg – Hannah Wirth – Chau-mi Phan – Lauren TrygstadLakeville North HS
                                                                    Existing Medical Innovation
First PlaceIshita Atora – Megan Price – Lucas Mische – Olivia EvangelistaChaska HS
Second PlaceMegen Radke – Addison Luebbe – Vanessa JohnsonKasson-Mantorville HS
Third PlaceAnchal Sahni – Alexis Wagenfield – Hannah MooreBlaine HS
                                                                    Original Medical Innovation
First PlaceBreanna Enders – Jack Kujath – Winni ZhengKasson-Mantorville HS
Second PlaceAavni Varddhan & Alyssa ThornShakopee HS
Third PlaceKauthar Al-Khiqany _ Sena Gelto – Julie Vue – Miranda YoungCoon Rapids HS
                                                                    Public Service Announcement
First PlaceBrinley Deopere – Tori Gehling – Shelby VogelSt. Cloud Tech HS
Second PlaceGrace Heck – Jeeho Sohn – Brenna WeaverSt. Cloud Tech HS
Third PlaceEmma Alley – Samantha Krocak – Kristen Leigh – Sloane OrchardShakopee HS
Fourth PlaceBrinna Doom – Mardi Marek – Jaclyn Merchiewiez – Amanda PetersenSt. Cloud Tech HS
Fifth PlaceCharlotdte Hemmila – Itze Rodriguez Reyes – Elise ThoreenBlaine HS
Recognition Awards
Barbara James Award
Angela BelousCoon Rapids HS
Briana CliftonCoon Rapids HS
Alexandria DahlDenfeld/ East – Duluth
Gautham NairShakopee HS
Aavni VarddhanShakopee HS
MRC Volunteer Recognition
Jezierski, SophieDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Alm, TrinityDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Sonaco, ShienaDenfeld/East Duluth HS
McCorison, AlyssaDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Johnson, MullenDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Lind, IsabellaDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Braun, RianDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Weiland, EloraDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Smith, MadelineDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Rock, KalebDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Stellmaker, NoelleDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Cora, ArralynnDenfeld/East Duluth HS
Birdseye, AdrianaDenfeld/East Duluth HS
King, CarliRed Wing High School
Marty, RileyRed Wing High School
Mollgaard, MayaRed Wing High School
Lidahl, ThomasRed Wing High School
HOSA National Service Project- National Foundation for Pediatric Cancer
Northeast Metro 916 $1,807.00
Denfeld/East Duluth HS$    200.00
Lakeville North HS $1,300.00
 St. Cloud Technical HS $   330.00
 Kasson – Mantorville HS$    350.00
Blaine HS$    650.00
MN HOSA State Officers-                                             Jakob Kujath, President$    294.00