2018 6th Annual MN HOSA MRC Camp

Another successful event at Camp Ripley in Little Falls, MN for over 100 HOSA Students. It takes many people to make this happen and need to Thank You to the MN Army National Guard for their professionalism in welcoming the students, getting them off with a blood flowing, energizing beginning role play of disaster action in the military and involving the students, the Trauma Round Robins, speakers on Stress and recruiting. Thank you to Nancy Carlson from the Department of Health in Disaster Preparedness and Response for her valued time in preparation and presentations in our MRC Unit goals, Bill Neiss and staff for getting all of the volunteers CPR/ First Aid certified, Home Land Security for the use of their building and resources,Seth from the American Red Cross, School Safety and  ICS Training. What an experience and what a great group of students that are now ready to assist with disasters. If you need volunteers for any events you are having for your business, hospital, etc, please remember MN HOSA!

The Welcome-

Opening Session- 

The Round Robins with the National Guard

Educational Sessions

 Drill Prep