2015 MN HOSA Mid-Winter Event Days
January starts the new year with resolutions and plans- MN HOSA started 2015 off by holding Mid- Winter Events Days for over 300 HOSA members and advisors during two days of competitive events in Eagan and Rochester to help prepare students to compete at the state level in April. Although not all events are offered, each event category is made available. The objective for the day is to give students a chance to show what they are working on- in the classroom and in the community. The judges are professionals and offer comments and compliments on the work they have done and how to prepare further for the state competitions. Students leave with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence to continue with their health science programs as well as their future health professional goals. Another success event for MN HOSA. Hats off to all the participants, advisors and judges who make this event possible.